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Heineken Silver  4%

To create its extra-refreshing taste, Heineken® Silver is brewed using an ice-cold lagering process at -1° C. The result? An accessible & unique 4% premium lager with a crisp and subtle finish with the signature fruit aroma of Heineken® Original, that everyone can enjoy.

Amstel  4.1%

Amstel is the perfect refreshment for moments with your true friends. Spritzy with a subtle citrus and herbal hop character and clean bitter finish.


Beavertown Neck Oil  4.3%

The all day, everyday, drinking IPA with a pineapple and tropical fruit aroma with upfront passionfruit flavours and a crisp, dry finish.

Birra Moretti  4.6%

The ultimate Italian lager since 1859, Birra Moretti’s special blend of high quality hops creates a smooth, full bodied beer with wholemeal bread top notes which are cut by a delicate citrus note.

Fosters  4%

Foster's is the ultimate ice-cold refreshment. Its balance of subtle fruitiness and vanilla is ideal for the sweeter-toothed lager lover. The perfect beer to enjoy with mates.

Guinness  4.1%

One of the world's best-loved beers, from the first velvety sip to the last, lingering drop, every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between is pure beauty… pure Guinness.

Heineken  5%

Characterised by banana and candy fruitiness, fresh maltiness and clean bittersweet finish. Enjoy it with friends whilst watching the football, Formula 1, or get to know new friends over a pint in a bar.


Inch's Cider  4.5%

Inch's Medium Apple Cider is a lightly sparkling cider with a fresh apple aroma – perfect for sunshine sipping.

No & Low

Henieken 0.0

A refreshing alcohol free beer* characterised by fruity and fresh malt notes and a lightbody. At just 69 calories this is a great refreshing drink for all.

Birra Moretti Zero

Made from top quality ingredients carefully selected by Birra Moretti's Master Brewers has created a taste which is gentle, smooth and fragrant.

Old Mout Berries & Cherries 0.0

This fun, fruity cider brings all the summer fruits together in one super refreshing glass! Put a Kiwi twist on it, and serve over ice with strawberries and blueberries. And alcohol free!

Ales (Rotating)

Adnams Best Bitter  3.7%

Southwold Bitter is a beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness.

Bath Gem   4.1%

With its rich aroma of hops and malt, and a long, deep, bittersweet finish.

Gem is a quintessentially English beer, brewed with skill and passion using floor-malted Maris Otter barley and Goldings hops from Kent.

Courage Best Bitter  4%

Pale in colour, fully balanced with a malty flavour and distinctive hop character, makes for an easy drinking session beer.

London Pride  4.1%

Rich, smooth and elegant on the palate, it draws to a clean, satisfying finish with beautifully

balanced bitterness.

Marstons 61 Deep   3.8%

61 Deep. Newest brew on the Burton block. 61 metres. That’s the depth of the well at the Brewery that gives this refreshing pale ale its name. The five American and Australian hops give it its fresh, zesty aroma, whilst the tropical fruit and citrus notes make it extremely drinkable. Dive in.

Otter Bitter  3.6%

Otter Bitter has great condition which adds to its flavour profile. Fruit notes and well balanced malty flavours are tinged with a hint of bitterness to make Otter Bitter a Devon beer of distinction.

Ringwood Razor Back  3.8%

The perfect supping beer. Ringwood Brewery’s first brew and still a favourite tipple. Tempting hop aroma with fruit notes. Good malt feel in the mouth dry, tangy fruit finish. Delicious, easy drinking slightly tart pale bitter

Plus other guest Ales

We are constantly rotating our guest ales and are always happy to take recommendations. 


Barefoot Pino Grigio  12%

Crisp and light-bodied, with tart green apple notes and citrus and peach flavours.

I Heart Pino Grigio  12%

Fresh and crisp, a light style wine that is full of lemon and peach flavours, with a zingy citrus aroma.

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry 20cl

This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshing lively style.

Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc  12.5%

Pale straw in colour, it has light citrus and floral aromas. It is zesty, light, and fresh to taste, with an elegant finish.

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel  10.5%

Refreshing rose with fresh strawberry flavours and a delightfully sweet taste. If you like your rose wines light and fruity.

Isla Negra Rose  12%

Delightful flavours of berries and cherries with a fresh, crisp finish.

Barefoot Merlot  13.5%

Flavours of blackberry, raspberry and chocolate, with a silky smooth finish.

Jack Rabbit Signature Collection Malbec  

Full-bodied and decadent with a lingering finish, Malbec is bursting with blackberry and cherry notes.

Los Picos Distantes Malbec

Lighter notes of blueberry and white pepper develop into a long and fruity finish.

Premium Spirits

Gordon's Gin  

Gordon's Premium Pink, Gordon's Sicilian Lemon, Gordon's White Peach, Gordon's Mediterranean Orange.

Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin  

Whitley Neill Raspberry, Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger, Whitley Neill Parma Violet, Whitley Neil Gooseberry.

Other Premium Gins

Bombay Saphire Gin, Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Opihr Gin, Boodles mulberry Gin, Tarquin's British Blackberry Gin.

Smirnoff Vodka 

Smirnoff No.21, Smirnoff Mango & Passionfruit, Smirmoff Raspberry Crush.

JJ Whitley Vodka

JJ Whitley Blood Orange, JJ Whitley Rhubarb.

Absolute Vodka

Absolute Blackcurrant, Absolute Passionfruit, Absolute Mango.

Whitely Neill Vodka

Whitley Neill Rhubarb, Whitley Neill Blood Orange.

Rum & Brandy

Malibu, Bacardi, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan's Dark Rum, Kraken Spiced Rum, Courvoisier.

Whiskey & Bourbon

Bells Scotch Whiskey, Famous Grouse Whiskey, Jamesons Whiskey, Glenfiddich Single Malt, Jack Daniels No.7, Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack, Jim Beam Bourbon.

Other Premium Spirits & Liqueur

Archers Peach Schnapps, Disaronno, Antica Sambuca Classic, Antica Sambuca Black, Antica Sambuca Cherry, Antica Sambuca Raspberry. Jägermeister.


Old Mout Cider 500ml   4%

This fun, fruity cider brings all the summer fruits together in one super refreshing glass.

Berries & Cherries, Kiwi & Lime, Pineapple & Strawberry.

Thatchers Somerset Haze 500ml   4.5%   

A cloudy premium cider crafted with Discovery, Falstaff, Gala and Jonagold apples to create a crisp sweet finish.

VK Blue  275ml   4%

A Uniquely Flavoured Sparkling Alcoholic Drink with Taurine, Caffeine & a Vodka Kick.

Sol 330ml   4.2%

A delicate flavour combining cereal notes with a subtle, sweet bubblegum fruitiness. A very drinkable lager that does what it's designed for, to be enjoyed ice cold in the sun with friends

Soft, Mixers & Hot Drinks

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Schweppes Lemonade, Kick Energy, J20 Apple & Mango, J20 Blackcurrent & Apple, J20 Orange & Passionfruit, Appletiser, Fanta, Sprite.

Mixers & Tonics

Schweppes Tonic Water, Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water, Schweppes Russchian Pink Soda, Schweppes Elderflower Tonic Water, Schweppes Orange Juice, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.

Hot Drinks

Costa Cappuccino, Costa Americano, Costa Latte, Kenco Mild Blend, Yorkshire Tea. Cadbury's Hot Chocolate.